VeeDub ReDub Project Scope & Requirements

Welcome to the VeeDub ReDub Project Scope & Requirements document. This guide aims to provide you with a clear understanding of the components and tasks involved in creating your own VeeDub ReDub, a modernized Beetle with Mk7 GTI performance. We'll outline the items we supply, and the responsibilities you'll have as the customer.

VeeDub ReDub Delivery: What We Provide

Upon delivery, your VeeDub ReDub package includes a fully assembled rolling chassis, powder coated in black or silver, with suspension, brakes, and other necessary components already installed. Additionally, we supply parts required for integrating the GTI and Beetle components, such as a remote fuel tank for the GTI fuel pump, intake and charge pipes, exhaust system, engine compartment shroud, an engine cover that doubles as a firewall, and various mounts and hardware.

Please check out the VeeDub ReDub Contents List to get a better idea of what the platform will include.

Mk7 GTI Donor: Customer Responsibilities

To complete your VeeDub ReDub, you'll need parts from a Mk7 GTI donor (2015-2021) with a DSG transmission (6 or 7 speed). You are responsible for sourcing, purchasing, and stripping down the GTI to obtain the necessary components. Unused parts can often be sold through online platforms to recoup some costs. Required components from the donor GTI include the drivetrain, axles, electrical system, accelerator pedal, gear selector, fuel pump, radiator, and intercooler. Optionally, you can reuse the GTI steering column and infotainment system with additional mounting equipment that we are currently developing.

Beetle Requirements: Customer Responsibilities

The VeeDub ReDub is designed to achieve the classic Beetle look while incorporating modern performance. Our current focus is on compatibility with specific Beetle models. We have initially tested the 1965 swingaxle Beetle and plan to test later model IRS Beetles and MacPherson strut Super Beetles. You'll need to source the Beetle body, hood, deck lid, and doors but not the original fenders, as the VeeDub ReDub requires wider aftermarket fenders. The Beetle's fuel tank will be reused, or you can purchase a new one from a VW parts supplier. You will also need to acquire standard restoration items such as windows, seals, carpet, headliner, door panels, and lights.

Customer Tasks for Completing the VeeDub ReDub

Here's an outline of the tasks you'll need to undertake to complete your VeeDub ReDub:

  1. Acquire and strip down a suitable Mk7 GTI donor vehicle.
  2. Source a compatible classic Beetle body and necessary restoration components.
  3. Install GTI components onto the VeeDub ReDub rolling chassis.
  4. Mount the Beetle body onto the VeeDub ReDub chassis.
  5. Install any optional equipment, such as the GTI steering column (or universal steering column) and/or infotainment system.
  6. Complete the interior and exterior restoration of the Beetle.
  7. Test and fine-tune the finished VeeDub ReDub for optimal performance and safety.

This Project Scope & Requirements document is designed to give you a clear understanding of the components and tasks necessary for building your VeeDub ReDub. By outlining both the items we supply and your responsibilities as a customer, we aim to ensure a smooth and successful build process.

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